Amnesia: The Dark Descent Celebrates Tenth Birthday With Open Source Release

Amnesia: The Dark Descent turns ten this year, and the team at Frictional Games has put the game and A Machine for Pigs into open source to celebrate.

By Ricky Frech

September 23, 2020

Amnesia: The Dark Descent released a decade ago. While Frictional Games is hard at work with their follow-up, they still wanted to celebrate their baby hitting double digits. And so, the team has provided the community with a major update for both The Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs. As of today, both games are going open source, meaning modders can now get in there and create some truly game-changing content.

Making the first two Amnesia games open source is a massive get for the community. The Dark Descent already has an absolute truckload of mods for you to pick and choose from. However, with it now being open source, it would be surprising if that scene didn’t explode in the coming months. Especially since we’re about to get a true sequel to the first game with Amnesia: Rebirth.

Outside of maybe the first few weeks of TDD‘s release, there might not be a more exciting time to be an Amnesia fan. Rebirth is Frictional’s first developed game since Soma and is a true sequel to the first game. A Machine for Pigs was developed by The Chinese Room and was only an indirect sequel. Finally, we’re about to see what the horror masters can do with nearly ten years under their belts.

And if the modding scene blows up like I expect it to, there’s going to be almost too much Amnesia content out soon. If you like survival horror, this is great news.

Amnesia: Rebirth launches on PC and PS4 on October 20. While you wait, feel free to start making your very own Amnesia: The Dark Descent mods. It’s in open source as of today.

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