American McGee Announced a New Buy-Back “Alice” Rights Kickstarter; Will Rename “OZombie” Kickstarter

on July 10, 2013 5:00 PM

American McGee’s latest update for the Kickstarter campaign formerly known as OZombie reveals three main points: he will be removing the Alice pledge tiers, the Kickstarter will be renamed (with the placeholder title of Oz Action Adventure for now) and his team is currently working on a new campaign video.

American originally added the Alice pledge tiers so that his team could buy back the rights to the Alice copyright, which EA currently owns, as well as create some animated shorts. But, after the campaign fund began to stagnate and many backers complained about the lack of direction, he decided to completely pull the tiers and refocus the campaign on the Oz game alone. He has also decided to start a separate campaign to purchase the Alice rights with a minimum goal of $200,000,  which is currently awaiting approval from the Kickstarter site.

Second, in order to avoid confusion and the assumption that the Wizard of Oz game is “just another zombie game,” American  plans on retitling it with the help of his backers. So far the finalist for the voting are:

  1. Oz Adventure: Tyrant of Oz
  2. Oz Adventure: Strawman’s War
  3. Oz Adventure: Broken Road
  4. Oz Adventure: Yellow Brick Road Warrior

Finally, American and his team is working on a new campaign video that will summarize all the art and gameplay updates so far, with the goal of quickly introducing new backers to the game. They are also working on an in-game demo that, according to American, should be ready in about two weeks. If you would like to support this campaign yourself, you can go here to contribute.

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