American McGee’s Spciy Horse Launches Akaneiro Kickstarter

on January 4, 2013 11:36 AM

American McGee’s Spicy Horse has announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for their game Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. The game is a Action RPG that emulates the style of brush ink and takes inspiration from Japanese folklore and combines it with an original mythology that takes cues from Red Riding Hood.

Currently the game has already been created and is in the middle of beta testing at the moment. They are looking for help on Kickstarter to give polish to the game, funding to port the game over to tablets, and work on new content expansions if certain stretch goals are met.

The game will be free to play with a number of maps available to players that will be decided in an upcoming open beta. Funding will occur through additional content made available for purchase using cash or by earning in-game currency known as karma.

Planned platforms for the game are PC client and web browser, Mac, Android tablets, and iOS tablets. The game is currently ranked number three on Steam Greenlight, which if successful there will also lead to a release of the game on Steam.

Fan’s of Spicy Horse and its unique takes on fairy tales will want to check out and consider supporting this Kickstarter campaign here.

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