Heretic-Inspired FPS Amid Evil Hits Steam Early Access Next Week

Heretic-Inspired FPS Amid Evil Hits Steam Early Access Next Week

Publisher New Blood Interactive announced today that they will be releasing Indefatigable's Heretic-inspired FPS Amid Evil on Steam Early Access March 12.

After the original Wolfenstein and Doom hit PCs in the early 1990s, a ton of inspired first-person shooter would release throughout the rest of the decade. Some of these titles like Rise of the Triad, Hexen, and Heretic even became classics in their own right. Nowadays, developers look to those classics for inspiration on their new titles. One of these games is Amid Evil, which is developed by Indefatigable and published by New Blood Interactive.

Today, we learned that Amid Evil will be hitting Steam Early Access next week on March 12. When this Heretic-inspired FPS hits Steam next week, it will cost players $20. For that price, players will get instant access to three of Amid Evil’s seven story campaign episodes, each of which has their own unique environments, enemies, secrets, and cheat codes for players to discover.

At launch, the Early Access version of Amid Evil also includes an endless mode titled Hordes of Evil, where enemies will only get tougher the longer players last. The game also features a soundtrack from Andrew Hulshult, who has composed for games like Rise of the Triad and DUSK, another New Blood Interactive game.

To celebrate this announcement, a five-minute gameplay video of Hordes of Evil mode was released; you can check that footage out below. Amid Evil is currently poised to hit Steam Early Access on March 12.