Amnesia The Dark Descent Half Off This Weekend

By John Colaw

October 29, 2010

Have you been craving a Survival Horror game but let down by what games consider Horror these days? Do you miss the days when a game was so creepy that you couldn’t play it for too long with the lights off? Well you may or may not have heard but a game came out recently to comfort you with it’s terror, and that game is Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

But if you haven’t heard of it yet that’s OK, because this weekend only Amnesia is available for only $10, that’s 50% off it’s already low asking price! I have friends who have not completed this out of fear. I know one in particular who refused to play the game for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

If you’ve been craving the kind of terror that makes you want to sleep with the lights on, Amnesia is the game for you. You can buy the game from their store here, but that’s not all! If you don’t have a credit card or any way to purchase online, you can buy the game from your phone! If you’re able to send and receive text messages, you can buy the game from their store here and the price will be added to your phone bill.

Sale starts today and lasts through October 31st.

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