The Among Us Happy Meal Rumors Are Back Again - is it Real or Fake?

Let's examine the Among Us Happy Meal rumors.

Currently, McDonald’s is undergoing one of its most popular Happy Meal promotions of all time but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning again. For the last couple of months, reports that an Among Us Happy Meal crossover could be incoming have started to circulate and those rumors have kicked up again. Let’s take a look.

What’s the current McDonald’s promotion?

Currently, McDonald’s is having a crossover with arguably the biggest media franchise of all-time, Pokemon. Anybody who is lucky enough to grab themselves a Happy Meal will be treated to a special pack of 25th Anniversary Pokemon Trading Cards.

The promotion has blown up in light of the sudden resurgence in mainstream popularity for the trading cards. This has meant fans, collectors and scalpers alike have rushed down to the Golden Arches to try and grab some of the cards. The scarcity of the cards has led to sales of the packs topping four-figures on eBay, with individual cards breaking the $100 mark.

While there has been a rush for the promotion, it’s expected to end soon and therefore, discussions are taking place online about what’s next.

What are the Among Us Happy Meal Rumors?

Over the last few months, popular YouTube content creators have uploaded videos of themselves opening special “Among Us McDonald’s Happy Meals”, leading many to believe the promotion could be inbound.

Will we get an Among Us McDonald’s Happy Meal Crossover?

Among Us has skyrocketed to become one of the most popular games of all-time, crossing 500 million players in a single month last year, so a crossover between the two brands couldn’t be impossible. If both InnerSloth and McD’s wanted to help each other, this would be the way to do it. Sadly, these YouTube videos definitely aren’t pointing towards that.

Instead, the videos are a little more sus. They are designed to shock viewers, often having the Imposter escaping, coming back to murder the purchasers of the Happy Meals.

With the popularity of Among Us, these videos start to do the rounds every few days but sadly, they don’t indicate any kind of imminent promotion.

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