Among Us Will be Available on Switch Later Today

Today's Nintendo Indie World showcase announced that Among Us is coming to the Switch later today

December 15, 2020

Today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase included some neat smaller titles and one huge one. That standout was Among Us, the 2018 game of whodunit that has skyrocketed to popularity. Although limited to PC and mobile phones, the game will soon have a new home. Among Us is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch later today.

The game’s shadow drop fits in with Nintendo’s recent trend of announcing or revealing new titles and putting them up for sale almost immediately. An Eshop page has already been made for the game, and don’t worry, it still costs only $5.

Playing Among Us on the Switch will come with its own drawbacks though. Obviously, the game won’t have any performance problems on Nintendo’s mobile console, but being a social game, it’s important for players to be able to communicate easily. The Switch doesn’t exactly facilitate that. Nintendo doesn’t have voice chat on the Switch and instead pushes the Switch app, which comes with voice chat rooms. At that point though, you’re better off just using Discord’s mobile app. Either way, you won’t be able to communicate with your friends outside of typing in Among Us with the Switch’s hardware.

This marks the second time Among Us has been in the news recently. The game also had a standout performance at The Game Awards. Besides winning two awards for best multiplayer game and best mobile game, a new map for Among Us was also revealed. The map, titled ‘The Airship,’ will arrive in 2021 as part of a free update. Players will find new tasks, choices of what room to start in, and more new features when this map debuts. Among Us is also set to arrive on the Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 17.


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