Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games as the Creative Director of their Star Wars Titles

on April 3, 2014 3:04 PM

Amy Hennig has joined Visceral Games. The long time Naughty Dog employee who was the creative director and writer of the Uncharted series will now be the creative director of EA’s future Star Wars titles.

In a statement made on EA’s Blog, Steve Papoutsis, Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games had this to say:

Amy has long been recognized as one of our industry’s top visionaries, and is coming off an amazing run as the Writer and Creative Director of the Uncharted franchise. But her contributions go beyond the games she helped create at Naughty Dog and at Crystal Dynamics, where we worked together many years ago. As both a colleague and friend, I’ve always admired her approach to creative development – focusing on nailing down the soul of a game first, and then making sure the writing, the gameplay, the design and the art comes together to form a unified, interactive experience for the player.  This fits in perfectly with what we’re trying to do here at Visceral and Amy’s going to help us continue in our pursuit to make the most thrilling, immersive games in the world.

Hennig is a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and is very excited to be making games set in that universe. The team at Visceral Games is equally as excited to have Hennig be a part of their team and over the contributions she will make.

This is great news all around. Hennig is a creative genius who really understands that the heart of a video game lies with its characters. I’m sure that the Star Wars games that she is in charge of will be just as great as her previous work.

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