Amy Hennig Reveals That Her Star Wars Game with EA is “On the Shelf”; Forming Her Own Indie Studio

Amy Hennig Reveals That Her Star Wars Game with EA is “On the Shelf”; Forming Her Own Indie Studio

In the wake of the cancellation of her upcoming Star Wars game with EA, Amy Hennig has detailed a bit more on her situation with EA and future plans.

With EA having been the guiding force behind many of the most recent Star Wars titles in the past few years, one of the most highly-anticipated projects in the work was one coming from Uncharted‘s Amy Hennig and Visceral Games, and while that project has been cancelled since then, new details from Hennig have revealed what lies in the future for her and the Star Wars project she was helping to guide.

In a report from Eurogamer, Amy Hennig — the former Uncharted writer and director that became the creative lead on the recently-cancelled Star Wars project with EA and Visceral Games — shared with the outlet at the Gamelab Conference in Barcelona, Spain a few more details on the aftermath of her Star Wars project and what she will be doing next.

Specifically, Hennig explained that she had left her position with EA and had not been working with the company since this past January, and will be looking to form her own studio to developing games independently. However, given the circumstances of the recent cancellation of the project, legally she couldn’t make an official statement (at the time) regarding her involvement with EA and the project, moving forward.

Hennig explained that despite the setbacks from the cancellation of the Star Wars project she was developing — which originally was planned as a single-player, narrative-driven action-adventure game — she explained that she “[gets] along with all those people [at EA],” but is now “working independently and staying independent.” As far as her new studio is concerned, she shared that she is “consulting with some people” (including several VR companies) and that she hopes to begin bringing on employees to begin working on new projects, aiming for a small team at a max of 15 members.

Otherwise, Hennig stated that she is “not doing anything Star Wars,” and explained that her project is “on the shelf now,” as we learned from EA itself earlier this year when it revealed that it would be pivoting the design of the game under the wing of EA Vancouver to a new design that incorporates more open-world, online elements. While Hennig didn’t share more on what specifically the Star Wars project she was working on looks like now, she did share that “the Vancouver studio is working on something pretty different” compared to what her team was working on originally, adding that while she would love to see EA “resurrect” the project, she said that matter is “complicated” and seems unlikely to happen.