An Animated Movie Based on the Batman: Arkham Games Will be Released by DC This Year

on February 5, 2014 3:45 PM

One of the most popular interpretations of the Batman universe comes from the Batman: Arkham games. These games have depicted a version of the Batman universe that is true to the heart of the franchise and is easily accessible to a wider audience. It’s no surprise then that DC and Warner Bros. would want to capitalize on the popularity of the series by giving it the animated treatment.

With the release of Justice League: War, DC animated movies will have a canon storyline. Each movie will take place in the same New 52 inspired universe and will follow a continuity just like their animated TV series used to. DC does plan to release one non canon animated movie per year and that’s what this Batman: Arkham movie will be.

A few questions remain about this project. Which version of Batman will this movie depict? Will it be the seasoned Batman from Arkham Asylum and City or will it be the inexperienced Bats from Origins? Will this be based off one of the Arkham game stories or will it be a totally new one that’s set in that universe? Unfortunately, we don’t have answers to that and will have to wait until more information is released.

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