These Fan-Made Nintendo Switch Game Holders Are an Essential Purchase for Fans

These Fan-Made Nintendo Switch Game Holders Are an Essential Purchase for Fans

“Ah, a pipe. Definitely a pipe. And that means we're going in, right?”

There’s nothing worse than having nowhere to store your beloved game cartridges once you are done playing and then setting it down somewhere for it to be lost forever down the back of the sofa. Although there are plenty of Nintendo Switch game holders out, some really aren’t too unique looking. Thanks to

Over on Etsy, you can pick up a green warp tube from the Mario franchise that opens up to allow you to store your games in style. By the looks of it, it also seems to be travel-friendly and light so it would be great to take with you on holiday. The locking mechanism will also keep all your games safe and secure and away from little hands. The funky tube holds 18 games which is plenty to keep all your games but if you have more, grabbing another one will look just as cool.

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If you happen to own fewer games and you are just getting started, there’s also a mini version that holds 14 games. Both of the Nintendo Switch game holder tubes are created using 3D printing and designed by the seller so you are also helping an independent one-person business. Check out some of the images below and if you think it’s for you, simply head over to the Etsy site to pick one up. Just remember, only one person makes these so patience is a virtue.

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For those wondering if a new Nintendo Switch is on the horizon, you might be waiting a while. According to Bloomberg, company president Shuntaro Furukawa said that Nintendo “doesn’t plan to announce a new Switch model anytime soon.”