Analogue’s Mega Sg Will Include Hardcore, An Unreleased SEGA Genesis Game from DICE

Analogue’s Mega Sg Will Include Hardcore, An Unreleased SEGA Genesis Game from DICE

After nearly 25 years, DICE's unreleased title Hardcore will finally see the light of day with a release on Analogue's Mega Sg retro console.

As the years go on, digital game preservation and cataloguing continues to be an important discussion in the world of video games not only for the medium’s history and cultural significance, but also for the sake of still being able to access games that aren’t lost to the whims of time and an increasingly digital-only future. Thanks to Analogue, one such long-lost game is finally making its way to players in just a couple of months from DICE.

Analogue announced that with the upcoming release of the Mega Sg system–a retro console that plays titles from SEGA Genesis and other early SEGA systems–will also include Hardcore, which was an unreleased Contra-esque run ‘n gun game that was in development by Digital Illusions (more well-known now as DICE) in the early ’90s. However, the game ended up being cancelled in 1994 and, since then, has become one of the more elusive unreleased games for collectors and historians to find.

Specifically, Analogue explained that the only source code that was available for the game ended up being found from a hard drive that the company said was “barely recovered.” Given the circumstances, giving players the ability to try out an unreleased game from over two decades ago from the makers of the Battlefield series is sure to give a unique sense of nostalgia.

The Mega Sg from Analogue will officially release in April 2019. For a closer look at Hardcore, you can check out the gameplay video from Analogue below to see DICE’s unrelease title from the ’90s: