Analogue Pocket Pre-Orders Launch August 3, Ships May 2021

The gorgeous-looking Analogue Pocket lets fans natively play old Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance carts, plus tons of other features.

Fans looking for a high-quality way to play their classic handheld games are in for a treat soon. The Analogue Pocket and its gorgeous design kick-off pre-orders early next month, with plans to ship the device in May 2021. Alongside the pre-order announcement, the team revealed a ton of new details. Check it out below.

For those of you out of the loop, the Analogue Pocket is, essentially, a way to play nearly 2,800 Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games out of the box. It’s not emulation, it actually works with your old carts. Plus, with various adapters, the system can also work with systems like the Game Gear or Neo Geo Pocket Color.

But you won’t be playing on that old, cruddy Game Boy screen you remember. Instead, the Pocket Analogue has an absolutely gorgeous LCD screen that boasts ten times the resolution of an original Game Boy. It’s pretty incredible.

The Pocket also has a Dock that lets you play with up to three friends. And, of course, the system supports Pocket to Pocket multiplayer through cable links. I don’t know if this is confirmed, but if that means I can trade Pokémon in the way it was intended, them I’m all for it.

There is a ton of other stuff coming for the Analogue Pocket. Heck, you can even hook the thing up and use it to create new music. It’s quite the device if you’re looking to play Kirby’s Dream Land on the go in 2020. That said, the most important detail for most is likely the price.

The Pocket system will set you back $200, with the Dock adding on another $100. Then, if you need any of the various adapters, except to shell out an extra $30. So, it’s not cheap, but you are paying for a quality product from a brand known for just that.

The Analogue Pocket pre-orders star up on August 3. Make sure to get in there if you want to load up your old cart of Wario Land next May.

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