Analyzing a Logo: Our Predictions for GTA V

Analyzing a Logo: Our Predictions for GTA V

Yesterday, the internet exploded with the news of the announcement of will undoubtedly be nothing but a teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Even here at the site the majority of us let out one giant synchronized “f*ck yeah!” as soon as we saw the post go up. The image features the traditional GTA font we’ve come to know and love, but for the first time ever it also has an over-stylzed roman numeral for 5 — which is very similar to what you would find on American cash. With only that to go on, we took the time to make a couple of predictions as to what we think is going to take place in Rockstar’s next entry  for the  franchise. Check out our team’s thoughts below as well as a trip down Grand Theft Auto box art memory lane.

width="263"YarisWell, that’s one way to associate the “five” and the color of money in that logo (gambling); but when some people see that, like myself, I sometimes think “government.” What if the new GTA took place in the capital (not yet mentioned city)? The place where government institutions are located and money is created? I mean, when you think about what the GTA series has done, they have pretty much taken every place they have visited from the real world and have exaggerated or extracted the things that those cities are known for.

The one thing that I would think that Rockstar is daring enough to do is to make government the source of the story. Maybe even adding the element of corruption within it, as many perceive it now. It steers away from the regurgitated ideas that they have done in the past of guns and drugs and what not, and probably focuses on a more “intelligent” means of criminality. I mean, I’m just having an open mind, but they’ve pretty much done everything aside from Vegas and government. The only thing is that Vegas has been depicted way too much and people have been expecting it.

width="245"JoelI’m sure everyone and their mother wants to see a return to either Vice City or San Andreas, but I can’t see Rockstar Games put themselves in a cycle like that. I think that in GTA IV we saw a return to Liberty City becase that’s what the character and the story called for. If I had to make a prediction using the logo that’s been provided (and considering the V is made to look like American cash) I have to say that it will take place in Las Venturas (the series equivalent to Las Vegas).

I also think that in terms of time period were looking at late 50’s – early 60’s, when the place was known as the city of sin. While the rest of the country was going through a plesantville-like golden age, Vegas was getting taken over by the mob. Yeah, I’m totally going Martin Scorcese “Casino” on this one. Now if only they announce Robert Dinero and Joe Pesci as voices in the game…they could have my money. Right. Now.

width="254"AlMaybe they will go international with GTA V like Monte Carlo or Macau, two meccas for gambling and money. Vegas would make a smart connection but so many games have done it already unless they plan to recreate the entire strip. Honestly after Red Dead they have to go huge and I would not be surprised for them to announce the largest terrain to date.

ChadAfter Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire – two unique, heavy-hitting titles brought to us by Rockstar – I’m sure fans are aching for a new GTA, and I’m positively sure Rockstar will deliver in spades. There was some talk going around that GTAV might take place in the game’s equivalent of Los Angeles, however it would be smart if they didn’t go that route. Why? Because L.A. Noire is still fresh in people’s minds. Perhaps a modern-day city, but not one in the time period Joel suggested. Regardless where they locate the game, however, people will buy it in the millions, but I just think they should go somewhere unconventional. Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans or somewhere else people might not be expecting. After all, isn’t the unexpected the Rockstar way?

AllenZombies. Lots of Zombies.

Personally, I would love to see Grand Theft Auto V move to some more exotic locations. The franchise is getting a tad stale setting-wise, and less familiar cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Rome, Dubai, Moscow and many others would give the the game a much needed breath of fresh air.

Of course I don’t expect that to happen. Rockstar knows that even if they set the game in the old, trite, stale Liberty City it will still sell like hotcakes, so they’ll probably do just that.

It would also be about time to see them actually license some real life cars, instead of feeding us the usual Cognoscenti, Feroci, Banshee and so forth. Again, I don’t see that happening, but a man can hope, can’t he?

Just think about this: if Grand Theft Auto V was set in Japan (Osaka would actually be my favourite choice, as it’s more pictoresque than Tokyo, and it’s one of the cities where the Yakuza holds more power), they could replace old bored Ricky Gervais with some awesome Manzai duo. Again, doubt it’ll happen, so it looks like I’ll have to be content with the Manzai in Ni No Kuni.

Of course that would put the game in direct competition with Yakuza 5, and we all know that Yakuza 5 would still be better, but oh, well.

width="240"ScottI’m betting they will keep the series in the present day as well. They just covered the 50’s in L.A. Noire, and unless they decide to return to the extravagance and affluence of the 1980’s, than it will be set today. I still think there is a possibility that we can see a return to Vice City. Don’t forget that Miami is also a center of extravagance and wealth, with the poor neighborhoods directly contrasted with places like South Beach. Also, don’t forget that the GTA IV manual hinted at Vice City as well.

I definitely don’t think that we will see LA in this one, again, for the same reason that we won’t see it set in the 1950s. They have done the past, and they have recently done LA, even if it was really Team Bondi’s game, everyone knows it was also a large part of Rockstar.

It would also fit the cycle to have Vice City be the star. GTA1 had Liberty to Vice (which was actually Dallas in that game) and then San Andreas. 3 then Vice City then San Andreas. And for the PSP we had Liberty City Stories and then Vice City Stories. Rockstar and their fans like Vice City too much to pass up this opportunity, plus they have been hinting at a return to the city as well.

width="267"EderThe V in the logo definitely screamed Vegas to me at first, which got me thinking desert climate, which got me thinking Breaking Bad. The series has excelled at presenting archetypal character transplants that draw inspiration from movies and television, from Vice City’s Scarface vibes to the decidedly ’90s ghetto feel of San Andreas. What if the next chapter in the series gave us a lower-middle class everyman who has to go to extreme lengths in order to provide for his family but keep it all a secret at the same time? That’s what I think the series would do with a modern-day setting.

But I’d love to see another period piece from Rockstar, and when I think of eras they’d do well in, I think the ’60s would be prime for the taking. They already have the Mad Men cred from L.A. Noire, what if a Don Draper-esque character voiced by Jon Hamm pulled a few strings in the latest installment? Can you tell I’ve been on an AMC bender for the last month?

DavidI’m not a huge follower of the series but I’m betting it will be present day. To me, GTA is about the player getting a taste of what its truly like to take illegal actions against society. That means it should feel as real as possible. A time shift could easily detract. I think the government idea was the most likely idea.

width="270"John: What I’m concerned about isn’t so much the setting as who the main character will be, and what kind of setting and atmosphere they’ll be going for overall. If we truly are entering into their expy of Las Vegas which I truly believe is the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a mobster / organized crime theme to the game which I think would be brilliant and a good change of pace from GTA IV. No matter what the predictions, I think we’re all in for a big surprise one way or another.

Francois: Rockstar has been on a roll lately. Not only have Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire been fantastic games, but they have also ventured outside of each titles’ respective launch and grabbed the attention of us gamers by other unconventional means. Red Dead’s DLC add-on of Undead Nightmare was one of the best bang for your buck in terms of DLC and L.A. Noire got the attention of the film crowd when it was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival. With Grand Theft Auto V, I see nothing but Rockstar pushing the limits further than ever before with their most important title.

Surely Rockstar will not let their premier franchise be outshined by their other titles. It’s anyone’s guess at this point when or where Grand Theft Auto V will go, but I feel that it’s going to be somewhere much more bold and daring that only Rockstar will be able to reveal and wow us with. With what we have so far, my guess right now would be Las Vegas with the logo’s looks and playing off of the whole roman numeral V standing for “5” and “Vegas.” If that’s the case, I would be somewhat disappointed because it seems too easy for Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto IV felt like a safe move already by Rockstar when it was released back in 2008 with a familiar setting and, arguably, a step back from San Andreas in terms of what you can or cannot do (getting your character to become fat was pretty fun). Now it’s time for Rockstar to do what they do best once again: revolutionize. The only way you do that is to throw everyone completely off. V for Venezuela!