Anamanaguchi Plays Two New Songs at Blipfest 2011, Minds Are Blown

on June 5, 2011 6:00 PM

Yeah, it was a month ago, but someone just uploaded good recordings of it, so now it’s worth talking about. Chiptune-punk band Anamanaguchi played a pretty big set at this year’s Blipfest (a chiptune music festival), including two songs never released to the public previously. The first, referred to by frontman Peter Berkman as “Prom Night and Sh*t” is about, as he puts it, “prom night and sh*t”. It’s a pretty great song, in-between the melodic pop-punk of their older stuff and the more rhythm-focused stuff they were doing with “Mess”. Their second song, which remains untitled, is very much in the “Mess” style, with a heavy emphasis on a slower beat with the chiptunes handling all of the melody. Both are pretty good, though it kind of makes me sad that they’re going in a less energetic direction.

Hit the break to hear both of their new songs.

Blip Festival 2011: Anamanaguchi – Prom Night from Emma Story on Vimeo.

Blip Festival 2011: Anamanaguchi – New Song from Emma Story on Vimeo.


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