Anamorphine Delves into the Human Psyche with Story Teaser Trailer

Anamorphine Delves into the Human Psyche with Story Teaser Trailer

Developer Artifact 5 recently revealed a trailer hinting at the emotional story found within their PC game, Anamorphine. The surrealist exploration sim is rich with imagery meant to confused and, at times, disturb the player. The release date is just as mysterious as the content of the game as a ‘2017’ is all we get from the title’s Steam page.

The story concerns a man who must navigate his girlfriend’s thoughts and memories. Her apartment warps and morphs into different shapes and perspectives. Otherworldly plants blossom on a concert stage adding to the bizarre atmosphere. The protagonist lies still in place in front of a cityscape while the entrance crumbles away.

It’s going to definitely take a few playthroughs to understand all the nuance going on here.

The homepage explains that Anamorphine will be all about the journey; there’s no combat or even an action button here. Themes of depression and loss will be at the forefront of the narrative and slowly the pieces of the cellist’s fractured life will fall into place.

Some other features include:

  • A story-rich setting exploring an evolving relationship.
  • A surreal environment without text or language that changes in fantastic ways to represent the protagonist’s inner feelings.
  • Combat-free gameplay! Take your time to uncover secrets and focus on the experience.

Although the game might fit into the walking-sim style of adventure, the surrealist images and ever-changing environments have piqued my interest. If you want to get lost in an introspective journey through the mind’s eye, you can check out the story teaser below: