Anarchy Reigns Releases International Launch Trailer, Screenshots, and Special Blog For Fans


Anarchy Reigns has just released outside of Japan, already out in North America, and soon to be released in Europe (Jan 11, 2013). With this release comes a new trailer (which you can see below), new art (which you can also see below), and a special SEGA blog post by Anarchy Reigns‘ game director, Yamanaka.

Yamanaka decided to celebrate Anarchy Reigns‘ release with a few insights and answers to questions that fans may have been wondering. Key among them: Anarchy Reigns is not Madworld 2.

” I’d like to answer a question I get asked a lot,” he says. “Is this game Madworld 2?”

“It’s easy to get confused as they feature the same characters; we used some of the Madworld cast because they fit the gameplay style of online multiplayer melee. However, even the main character Jack, though he may have the same appearance and voice, is a different person. Think of it as a different world portrayed by the same actors. So is this game Madworld 2? ‘No.’

Jack was just so cool that we felt we had to include him in another game.”

The next thing he touches upon is the decision to do this kind of game in the first place. “There are already a million FPS games out there, plenty of killer titles with killer sales, but that’s not what we chose to put ourselves up against. We wanted to take a stab at things the Platinum way.”

Yamanaka also mentions the use of “Action Trigger Events” over Quick Time Events, something he describes as “something bigger” and “more dramatic” for multiplayer melee. ATEs would make matches play out differently each time, with random events changing up combat with every game. In one match, an environment may shift drastically; in another, fighter jets may sweep through the stage blasting players; in another, they may just fall out of the sky and crash into the surroundings.

On the characters, Yamanaka said he wanted the characters to look strong, and obviously superpowered on first glance. He wanted every character to have a distinct feel, and says that Campaign Mode will feature all 16 of them during the story. He also promises that the story will be long enough that offline players will have “more than enough” to sink their teeth into.

Check out the trailer, which showcases Anarchy Reigns‘ signature “Multiplayer Mayhem” through various modes, including Deathmatch, Battle Royal, Team Battle, Cage Match, Survival and Death Ball. The pictures afterwards show portraits of a few characters, including Garuda and Oinkie, and a sort of humorous panel based on Jack.

You can read the original post at the SEGA blog, in full, here. For more news, stay tuned to DualShockers.

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