Anarchy Reigns Showcases Cyber Fugitive Max Caxton

Anarchy Reigns Showcases Cyber Fugitive Max Caxton

Anarchy Reigns is just a hair’s length a way, and with the game releasing soon (Jan 08, 2013 in North America and Jan 11, 2013 in Europe), the SEGA blog have released yet another Character Trailer: Max.

The post also comes with a description of Max:

Maximillian Caxton is a wanted man. In a former life, he led Nikolai, Leo and Sasha as the commanding officer of the Bureau of Public Safety High Crimes Division’s elite Strike One detachment.

As the ultimate master of the Cybrid Arts, Max taught the Strike One agents everything they know, as his ability is such that a simultaneous three-way attack by his former students would present little threat.

Max carved the eight jagged scars running down the sides of his face with his own hands, and in a mere handful of years has aged to the verge of unrecognizable.

The trailer shows Max in all his cyber glory, and details him as having “Two Times The Weapons,” having the Positron Blade and the Tesla Blitz as implanted weapons in either arm.

Check out the trailer below, and while you’re at it, check out the Character Trailer that came out for Douglas Williamsburg a few days ago. And as always, stay tuned to