And It Begins: Beta Signup for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Being an avid Star Wars fan, I am honestly more excited to grab a hold of the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic than I am with getting laid. That may be just me, but I highly doubt that the 96% of the Star Wars fans who dress up in their Jedi robes and wield plastic lightsabers will feel differently.

For those of you eagerly anticipated to get your hands on the newest adventure in the Star Wars series, you just may get your chance to get a little dose of beta in your system. Shacknews reports that beta signups are now open. It’s basically the same exact process that you will go through any other beta application: fill out your information, upload a DxDiag file, and praying to the almighty *insert the name of your god here* that you get chosen for the upcoming MMO.

Would-be applicants should probably be going frantic and applying before anyone else as LucasArts reported that there will be a limited amount of people accepted (duh! It’s a beta!), and that the earlier you sign up, the better your chances of being chosen.

Unfortunately, however, the site’s down for a couple of hours due to the barrage of fiends that have attempted to sign up for the beta by flooding the site’s servers. You, of course, have the option of being a desperate fanatic and can sit there for the next couple of hours refreshing the page. Remember, the first few to sign up have a better chance of being chosen. Now go refresh that page!

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