Android Games and Apps Join in on the Ratings Fun

Android Games and Apps Join in on the Ratings Fun


Looking to try and join in on the Android app and game-making fun? Make sure your game is rated, and rated correctly at that. In an effort to help make improvements to their Android Market, Google  is going to implement a rating system. Starting next week, any new games and apps that get submitted must have a rating, or else they’ll automatically get marked as “Mature.” Of course apps and games that are already made aren’t going to fall through the cracks. Developers of what’s already available in the market have a few weeks to go about making sure their products are rated.


The rating board is pretty similar to what the ESRB has going on, and is something like this:

  • All
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Mature

On Google’s “Rating Your Application for Android Market” page, aside from the ratings they have listed some things that would cause for certain ratings of games such as; Alcohol, drugs and tobacco, gambling, hate, violence and anything else that can be found in your typical Rockstar game. For the rest of you that just play the games and care, or for those wanting to keep track of what the young’uns  are playing, keep a look out for these ratings as the weeks go on.