Angry Birds Dare the Final Frontier

Angry Birds Dare the Final Frontier

Ever wonder what it would be like if a bunch of pigs began a feud with a bunch of birds and then, after years of brutal terrestrial slingshot war, decided to take their fight to the stars? Of course you have, the question has plagued mankind for generations. Well, the wait is almost over; on March 22nd, Finnish developer Rovio Mobile is sending the Angry Birds to space.

In addition to adding new puzzle elements, Angry Birds Space will incorporate all new space-specific gameplay features like “light speed destruction” and, of course, zero gravity — which implies that you’ll have the ability to skip the pigs entirely and slingshot your avian ammunition into the endless void of space,  in a cartoonish stage fatality which, though not quite intentional, could be pretty funny.


Interestingly enough the game’s launch will be promoted by both NASA and National Geographic, both of whom could be said to have a vested interest in sending animals to space.

Rovio hasn’t specified which mobile devices will support Angry Birds Space, but its a safe bet that both Android and iOS devices will make the cut.  Check out the quasi-threatening teaser below.