Angry Birds Sync Hopefully Coming “Before Summer”

Angry Birds Sync Hopefully Coming “Before Summer”


The title that has taken digital downloading by storm is none other than Angry Birds. With over 100 million downloads and a simplistic design, Angry Birds will probably be in our hearts and devices forever. To make things even simpler it seems our hearts and devices will soon be connected. (Anyone like my Kingdom Hearts reference?). Developer Rovio Mobile announced a little while ago that Angry Birds will be getting a “sync” feature that would allow an iPhone user to continue their Angry Birds progress on a PS3 (or any other device that supports the title). The day that this sync will appear is actually closer than anyone thought.


A recent twitter user tweeted Rovio asking if the sync feature will make an appearance anytime soon. They responded with the following. “We are working hard on that, before summer is the plan.” So for all the gamers who bought Angry Birds on multiple devices…your time is coming! But how bad are we for buying this downloadable more than once? In the spirit of this article, how many times have you purchased Angry Birds on any device?