Angry Birds: Transformers Announced for Android and iOS

on June 16, 2014 1:27 PM

The Angry Birds franchise has taken off in recent years. Winning the hearts of many with it’s simple yet challenging gameplay, while providing us with hours of fun while we play with the many different birds. The series has recently done its best to make the most out of  several popular movies like Rio and Star Wars, and it seems that Rovio will be continuing this trend in cooperation with Hasbro, with Angry Birds: Transformers. 

In this latest entry, you’ll use your arsenal of “Autobirds” to take on the many different levels filled with “Deciptihogs”.  Hasbro will be releasing several new Telepods that players can use with the camera to add to the experience.

There has been no release date posted as of yet, but we hope to see Angry Birds: Transformers fly into our hands sometime this year.

Angry Birds Transformers

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