Animal Crossing 100% Completion World Record Stands at Just Over 70 Hours

on February 18, 2015 1:04 AM

Anyone who’s ever tried to 100% a game will know that most of the time it’s a pain in the rear. Collect this and collect that. Go here, go there. Repeat yourself a million times.

Still, the satisfaction of completing a game to 100% is rather nice, something I’ve only experienced twice (LEGO Harry Potter and Assassin’s Creed II,) and don’t think I have the time to do again.

Some people are blessed with more free time that others and one of these lucky buggers has chosen to spend theirs completing Animal Crossing. Yes, of all the games to do a speed-run with she had to go and choose one of the most difficult.

The lady who goes by the online name of 0xa101 completed Animal Crossing to 100% in 70 hours, 51 minutes and 47 seconds, and that’s including an eight hour nap part way through.

That’s no small feat either as completing Animal Crossing to 100% is a fairly daunting task, even for the most patient of players.

Why did she do it? Well, for the meme of course. For the meme.

animal crossing speedrun

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