Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Due To Return This November

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Due To Return This November

Nintendo will be re-releasing packs from series 1-4 this holiday.

It’s now been six months since Animal Crossing: New Horizons hit the Switch. Over the months since release, the game has become a cultural phenomenon and is easily one of the most successful releases of the year. The game, which has already sold well over 22 million copies, has played a supporting role in political campaigns, played host to charitable events and even had an extremely successful in-game talk show.

The game has been so successful, that alongside the announcement of the highly anticipated Halloween update, Nintendo has confirmed that they will be re-releasing packs of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards from Series 1-4. The cards are due for release at some point this November.

When scanned, the Amiibo cards allow players to invite the specific villager on that card to move to their island. The re-release will be very welcome for players who have so far been unable to get their favourite villagers to their island. Usually, the process of finding that perfect islander is a combination of spending hours hopping from island to island and a cost of thousands of Nook Miles.

Nintendo has confirmed that the cards will be arriving at select North American retailers and will cost $5.99 per pack. No details have been shared on if the cards will be hitting Europe.

Since the packs haven’t been for sale for an extended period of time now and due to the high demand for perfect islanders, individual cards were selling on eBay for extortionate prices. Not only that, but savvy users were creating their own NFC chips that replicated the Amiibo cards for individual villagers and selling them on sites such as Etsy.

The Animal Crossing Fall update is due to arrive in just a few days on September 30 and brings a whole host of exciting new additions. Players can grow pumpkins, which can, in turn, be used as crafting items, decorate their houses with Halloween goodies, dress up as different monsters and then celebrate the holiday on October 31.

Animal Crossing is out now for Nintendo Switch.