When Does Bunny Day Start This Year? Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2021

Here's hoping players get a better experience in this year's Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day celebrations.

Before I start, I want to make it clear that I haven’t played Animal Crossing: New Horizons in about 10 months. Like many, I was captivated by the game when it first came out in March 2020 right at the start of the pandemic but then, unlike many, I left my poor little village on its own and never went back. However, when Bunny Day starts back up Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I may just get back into it to hunt for all those cute little easter eggs. If you’re wondering when that will be this year, let’s take a look at when we could expect it to happen.

When Does Bunny Day Start This Year?

Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons coincides with real-world Easter celebrations falling in late March/early April. Last year we saw the celebrations begin on Wednesday, April 1st and end on Sunday, April 12th which gave egg crazy players 12 days to get their eggs, literally, all in one basket.

This time, however, Bunny Day will begin on March 28th until April 4th.

Many fans of the game will probably want to see something different this time around given that last year’s Bunny Day didn’t go down too well. Part of the issue we saw was that players saw eggs pop up EVERYWHERE which seemed to also replace materials players needed to keep their island in shape so this impacted things fairly negatively.

Even though Nintendo did issue an update on April 11 to reduce the number of eggs, by that stage, people were fairly fed up with seeing them. In a recent update, we see that Bunny Day will only last around 8 days this time compared to 12 days last year so maybe they have learned their lesson?

Here’s hoping that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have a more exciting Bunny Day this year and either Tom Nook or Isabelle will announce the upcoming Bunny Day event in their daily announcement closer to the time.

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