First Animal Crossing: New Horizons TV Commercial Shows Isabelle and Box Art [Update]

First Animal Crossing: New Horizons TV Commercial Shows Isabelle and Box Art [Update]

Nintendo has released the first TV commercial for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, giving a look at Isabelle and the official box art.

Update: The original news story focused on the Japanese Animal Crossing: New Horizons TV commercial, but hey, Nintendo UK and the official Animal Crossing Twitter have now released the English version which clears up some details!

First of all, it seems that Tom Nook’s company will be simply called Nook Inc. The actual name of the island package he’s revealing to the residents is called, “Deserted Island Getaway.” In honesty, I kind of prefer the Japanese translation which was “Uninhabited Island Emigration Package”. Oh, and there’s the English box-art revealed at the end of the video too.

The original story is available below.

As 2020 got started yesterday, Nintendo set the wheels in motion for the hype train surrounding Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Yesterday saw the arrival of the first TV commercial for the title. The news comes from the official Japanese Nintendo website and introduces us to a look at the box-art as well as our first look at the wonderful Isabelle.

The commercial, which you can find below introduces the residents of the village seated in a conference hall while Tom Nook briefs them all on the “Uninhabited Island Emigration Package”. A package being offered by his brand new company Tanuki Development. Well, I assume it’ll still be called Tanuki Development in the Western release because Tom Nook Development sounds odd to me. It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue so well.

In the video, we get to see footage of the island and a player chopping into a tree which seems to shock the villagers. We also see a player laying down a path which is then followed by the Japanese box art with the release date still slated for March. It’s nice to see Isabelle again and surrounded by numerous residents, some of whom I think I recognize, while there also seems to be a few different faces?

It certainly seems like we’ll be learning more about the island over the coming months, and perhaps some more previews such as the one we saw last year on Nintendo Treehouse Live.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set to launch on March 20, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.