Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spooky Fall Update is Here

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spooky Fall Update is Here

Grab some candy and a costume and enjoy the new Animal Crossing seasonal update.

Since its release in March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the few respites in 2020, and its constant seasonal updates have given everyone a reason to continue playing throughout the year. As of today, the newest seasonal update has gone live for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

New DIY recipes, Halloween inspired outfits and furniture, and pieces of candy have all been added to the game to give your island a true taste of the season. Additionally, players can now choose from six new eye color options as well as four new skin tones, each one more spooky than the last, allowing players to look like vampires, zombies, or mummies.

While not included in the update until October 1, pumpkins will also be added for players to farm and craft taking Animal Crossing one step closer to Stardew Valley.

Perhaps the most exciting thing shown off in the update video is the event for Halloween. On October 31 all your villagers will gather in front of the town hall building dressed in costumes for some trick or treating.

It’s unclear if changes to the game such as the new skin colors and eye colors will be permanent additions or if they’re only going to stick around until the end of the season. In past updates, seasonal items are only available for purchase in the season they were introduced in, however, there has never been an update to the skin and eye color before, so only time will tell.

Nintendo teased another update at the end of their video. It ends with text that reads, “also…free update available late November” with the image of a turkey wearing a chef’s hat and a reindeer wearing a Santa hat. This is clearly teasing a winter/Christmas/holiday season update for the game in the future.

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