New Mainline Animal Crossing is Coming to Switch in 2019

New Mainline Animal Crossing is Coming to Switch in 2019

After waiting for seven years, a new mainline Animal Crossing game will finally be coming to Switch next year.

To end today’s Nintendo Direct live stream, Nintendo made an announcement that many fans have been holding their breath about for what seems to be forever.

Finally, it was revealed that a new mainline Animal Crossing game will be arriving in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. This is the first mainline entry in the series since 2012’s New Leaf which originally released on 3DS. Since that time, there have been new Animal Crossing titles such as Amiibo FestivalHappy Home Designer, and Pocket Camp that have released across a variety of platforms, but none of them have contained the core experience that many have been looking for.

A video clip featuring Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook played following Isabelle’s announcement to be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the Direct and it was a pretty good swerve because we didn’t know where the Smash trailer ended and the Animal Crossing announcement began. Nintendo has been extra-tricky with these Directs lately and I kind of love it.

Currently, that’s just about all of the information that we have on the game. Expect to hear and see more about this upcoming Animal Crossing game in a future Direct.