Animal Crossing Turnip Tracker - The Trick Tom Nook Doesn't Want You To Know!

Twitter user @NatalieWatson created a handy Animal Crossing Turnip Tracker tool that should help you see massive gains in the Stalk Market.

By Scott White

April 6, 2020

Players of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons have a new nifty turnip tracker to help in their mission to play the Stalk Market trade. All thanks to twitter user @NatalieWatson.

Turnips are special goods, sold only on Sundays, and are ACNH’s take on stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. The aim is to buy the turnips when the prices are low, and sell when they’re high, maximizing your profit. By playing the market and a little insider trading, you will be raking in all the bells you could ever want. You have to flip them fast, as they only remain viable to trade for a single week.

What Natalie’s tracker does is allow you to input the morning and afternoon prices of your turnips throughout the week. As you input your prices, it will generate a graph where you can see how the pricing is trending throughout the week. An especially neat feature of Natalie’s tracker is how it also lets you track the prices of turnips on your friends’ islands. This will add them to the graph as their own unique color. Making it easy to notice patterns between the various islands.

Living in massive amounts of debt is commonplace in ACNH, with all the various home upgrades and goodies to buy, players have been forced to get creative. So far there are a few more popular methods of rising to the top to help alleviate the grind out of debt. Methods include risking their lives to hunt tarantulas and fishing for koi, but playing the Stalk Market and dealing in insider trading is a safe and easy option.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen massive success in the few weeks since its launch, all over the globe. So successful in fact that it even has gone on to break the Nintendo Switch’s 1st-week sales record in Japan! That’s right, this game about living with cute animals and cutting down trees toppled even the powerhouses of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario and Smash Brothers! Our own Editor Ryan Meitzler in his review states that this latest entry “works the series’ charming, wholesome magic like never before”. Fans are fond of the game, taking advantage of its creative features to produce imaginative recreations of things they love. Examples include recreating the land of Hyrule, and various other works of art. Needless to say, Audie, the Animal Crossing granny, is also in love with New Horizons.

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