Animal Talking Put On Hiatus For Fall Guys Talk Show

Animal Talking Put On Hiatus For Fall Guys Talk Show

Talk Guys to be the latest show to debut from host Gary Whitta.

If a year ago you’d have asked anybody what Gary Whitta was best known for you’d have probably got one of three responses; writing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, being the former editor in chief of PC Gamer magazine or for his appearances on the Kinda Funny Games Daily podcast. This year changed that however, as his Animal Talking series has propelled him to another level of notoriety.

Ingeniously Whitta capitalised on the massive popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and built a fully-fledged talk show on his virtual island. The show came with a complete intro, talk show set and producer.

Every week Animal Talking has gone from strength to strength and has featured some of the biggest guests in TV, Film, Music and Video Games. Since it launched he’s had the likes of Brie Larson of Captain Marvel fame, Cory Barlog, Game Director on God of War and Pop sensation Selena Gomez. While the interest in Animal Talking is still high, Gary Whitta yesterday confirmed that the show would be taking a break in favour of a new venture.

Speaking on Twitter, Whitta said he’s moving the talk show setting from Animal Crossing and into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The new show will be titled Talk Guys: Ultimate Chatting.

Fall Guys has been nothing short of a phenomenon and you can’t scroll through Twitter for more than a few minutes without seeing it mentioned. So Whitta, who regularly uses the phrase “If you’re not making moves, you’re standing still”, has taken his own advice and is attempting to exploit Fall Guys’ popularity in this new show. Talk Guys will once again contain celebrity appearances however this time Whitta won’t be hosting alone. He’ll be joined by a co-host, his former Animal Talking Stage Manager, Kate Stark.

No further details on how it will work have been shared yet, but it’s sure to be chaotic if it’s being run in the world of Fall Guys. I for one can’t wait to see how it pans out.