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Anime Fighting Simulators Fruits - Five Best Fruits

January 4, 2022

Anime Fighting Simulator is known for featuring popular anime content where characters with their respective superpowers wreak havoc during fights. To add more fun and make the action more interesting, devs have added fruits that grant your character a whole new power. Out of a bunch of fruits, we have chosen the best fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator.

List of best fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator

Magma Fruit

Magma Fruit is arguably one of the most powerful fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator. It lets you take over the power of magma through which you can melt the enemy’s health points quickly. Magma Fruit has three abilities including Magma Fist, Magma Pillar and Magma Barrage. Each of the skills has a cooldown of 4s. The best way to use the skill is by executing a combo of Magma Fist then Pillar and finally Barrage.

Snakeman Fruit

In Anime Fighting Simulator, Snakeman Fruit could be a good choice if you want to deal huge damage as well as control the enemies. Yes, this fruit can do both if executed properly. The King Cobra skill can freeze the enemies around and the second skill,  Black Mamba can inflict massive damage by throwing punches in a designated direction.

Explosive Fruit

If you want a continuous burst damage Fruit, Explosive is the best among all. But it needs perfect aiming and timing, if you miss the shot then it might get difficult to counter the enemies. In case you miss the Explosive Shot Fire and Explosive Machine Gun skills, keep the third key, Full Body Explosion to make a huge explosion that can clear out the majority of enemies in the nearby area.

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Light Fruit

The best fruit to make some trick shots in Anime Fighting Simulator. Yes, Light Fruit combos allow you to teleport and explode near the destination. You can also instantly use the deadly beam right after teleporting to surprise the enemy.

Phoenix Fruit

Phoenix Fruit is a combination of damage and health regeneration. The unique ability makes it special as well as rare. Players who have a perfect strategy can dominate the enemies right from the start of the match. The best way to use it is by spamming Fire Blast and Fire Explosion combined with Fire Healing periodically to sustain and deal damage.

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