Best Anime Like Stranger Things

A perfect guide for anime fans who loved Stranger Things

July 2, 2022

Stranger Things is a masterpiece that can’t be compared to any other horror and sci-fi show at the moment. The second part of season 4 just got released, and it literally broke the internet. On Friday, the load on Netflix servers reached its limits and crashed for some time. So, you can well imagine how intensely the fans love the show.

Now that season 4 of Stranger Things has come to an end, fans are taking a liking to shows with monsters, supernatural beings, and other stuff that resembles the top Netflix series. Well, if you are also an anime fan besides Stranger Things, there’s plenty of good stuff for you to watch.


7. Jujutsu Kaisen

Demogorgons seem to be the real problem of the show at first, but then comes the Mind Flayer. And then, Vecna is revealed to be the real villain of Stranger Things. Similarly, in Jujutsu Kaisen, you will witness the monsters of different levels and some school guys fighting them back. Just like Eleven fights evil and saves humanity, Jujutsu Sorcerers fight cursed spirits and monsters. Eleven gets her training from a hidden facility where the scientists run tests on children and give them psychic abilities. As for Jujutsu Kaisen, the sorcerers get trained at a special school that polishes their powers.

6. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland shares a good similarity with Stranger Things in a lot of sense. The dark fantasy, thriller, and sci-fi anime run in a world filled with scary monsters. The main protagonists of the show, Emma, Norman, and Ray, are orphaned kids living in an orphanage that holds dark secrets. Each kid in the orphanage has a number stamped on them and is deemed to become as intelligent as possible. Just like upside-down, a completely different world exists in The Promised Neverland, where deadly monsters reside.

5. Erased

While Eleven and her friends are working hard on saving the world from upcoming havoc, Satoru Fujinuma is putting his efforts into resurrecting something that has already happened. Satoru’s power is known as Revival, which takes him back in time, and now he is supposed to prevent a disastrous incident from happening that took the life of his mother. He also works on preventing an incident that took the life of three of his childhood friends.

4. Elfen Lied

The Duffer Brothers themselves agreed that Elfen Lied is one of the anime shows to inspire Stranger Things. So, you can well imagine how great this anime is and how much it resembles Stranger Things. At first, Lucy appears to be a sweet, harmless girl, but she’s actually a mutant serial killer with psychic abilities and a split personality. With a lot of action and violence, Elfen Lied is a treat for those who enjoy bloodshed in a show.

3. Digimon Adventure

Where Stranger Things is kind of on a serious line, this series is more of an adventure anime. But it doesn’t mean it’s an entirely happy-go-lucky story of a few teens living joyful adventures. The story of the anime goes like this. A group of teens is mysteriously transported to a new world where they all have their own powerful monsters known as Digimons. Together with their Digimons, the teens will fight evil and save the world from them.

2. Soul Eater

Next on the list, we have Soul Eater, a show that Stranger Things fans would easily connect to. The best thing about Stranger Things is that, unlike most shows, a couple are kids take charge of saving the world. Well, this is where Soul Eater starts to match the theme of the show. Three pairs, each with a weapon master and a human that can turn into a weapon, fight the evil forces to save the world. But there’s a lot more in the story to look forward to.

1. Akira

Here comes Akira, a show that seems like a close animated copy of Stranger Things. We have seen the kids in Stranger Things always having each other’s back, and that’s the kind of bond the characters in Akira share. A bombing takes place in Tokyo by the Japanese government. Thirty-one years after the bombing, a group of bikers known as Kaneda goes on a mission to save their friend Tetsuo from a secret government project which revolves around testing his out-of-control psychic abilities.

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