Ankh: Gods of Egypt Launches on Kickstarter April 14

Ankh: Gods of Egypt is the latest board game from CMON Games and Eric Lang. It hits Kickstarter on April 14.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt is the latest massive board game project from designer Eric Lang and publisher CMON Games. Those are two of the bigger names in board gaming. Any project they’re working on is worth a glance, especially when it’s a follow-up to two very successful games in Blood Rage and Rising Sun. However, given the ongoing concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus, there were some people wondering if Ankh would have its Kickstarter campaign pushed back. Well, CMON confirmed that would not be the case and the project will hit Kickstarter in a few weeks’ time. Check it out below.

It’s interesting to watch board game companies having to make hard choices around the coronavirus. Recently, Rebellion Unplugged moved their Kickstarter campaign for Sniper Elite the Board Game back to a later date. Considering they’re a new publisher on the scene, that makes sense. With people needing to be a little tighter with their money, asking them to back an unproven publisher could be tough. On the flip side, Cephalofair Games has raised more than $6 million for its latest game Frosthaven. As an established brand with one of the best games of all time in their catalog, they were more assured that the project would be a success.

CMON and Ankh certainly fall into the latter category. Importantly, similarly to Frosthaven, Ankh‘s campaign will keep the pledge manager open as long as possible. This means you can back the game at a very low level.  Then, once things have settled down in the world, upgrade to a higher tier. So, if you’re interested in the game, but funds are tight, CMON is doing what they can to help out.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt launches on Kickstarter April 14. Until then, CMON has made available several scenarios from their other games to give you something to do during the pandemic. They even made the full version of XenoShyft print and play available as a free download. Give it a look if you need a new board game to play.

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