Ubisoft's Anno 1800 Will be Made Unavailable on Steam After Launch Day Due to Exclusivity Deal

Anno 1800 is being pulled from Steam after its initial launch day due to an exclusivity deal Ubisoft has seemingly made with another PC store.

April 9, 2019

After skipping out on releasing The Division 2 on Steam last month, it seems Ubisoft will again be releasing another upcoming title exclusively on other PC stores.

In a new update on the Anno 1800 Steam page, it was revealed that come the game’s launch day, it will soon after be removed for sale from the platform due to exclusivity deals. “Sales of Anno 1800 will be discontinued on Steam after April 16th due to a publisher decision to make the game exclusive to another PC store,” said the update on the Anno 1800 page.

Anno 1800 has been available for pre-purchase on Steam for quite some time now and those that have bought the game already on Valve’s platform will still be able to download it and all subsequent add-ons through the storefront. “The publisher has assured us that all prior sales of the game on Steam will be fulfilled on Steam, and Steam owners will be able to access the game and any future updates or DLC through Steam,” the message on Steam stated.

While details of which PC store have purchased exclusivity rights to sell Anno 1800 are scarce, you’d have to imagine it would be that of the Epic Games Store. Considering Ubisoft worked with Epic on the previously mention release of The Division 2, it would seem likely that Anno 1800 will now release in the same manner as a timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store in addition to releasing on Ubisoft’s own Uplay store.

We have reached out to Ubisoft directly for more clarification on this matter but they failed to comment before the publishing of this article. We’ll update this article if we hear back from Ubisoft.

Anno 1800 is set to release next week on April 16 exclusively for PC.

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