Anno History Collection is a Treasure Trove of Classic City-Building Gameplay

Anno History Collection brings updated versions of Anno 1602, Anno 1503, Anno 1701, and Dawn of Discovery to a modern audience.

The long-running Anno series has been all over the historical map during its more than 20 years in production. Fans have gone back to the past and ventured forward into the unknown future. And now, players will have the chance to experience much of the series’ past glories with the newly announced Anno History Collection. Give the brand-new trailer a watch below.

For those of you counting at home, that’s four updated classics and all of their expansion content. That is a ton to play through. You’ll be able to build cities in four different centuries and experience the many ways the series has changed over the years. If you’re an Anno fan and this doesn’t have you excited, I’d be very surprised.

The History Collection includes Anno 1602, Anno 1503, Anno 1701, and Anno 1404 (known as Dawn of Discovery in the US). The Anno games are some of the best-selling titles ever out of Germany. Seeing them spruced up for the modern audience is fun to see. Personally, I always gravitated to the skirmish style RTS game. That said, I knew a ton of people who loved city-builders like Anno. And the more recent releases from Blue Byte have only continued that proud tradition of top-tier city-builders.

Anno History Collection launches on June 25 for PC. If you grew up playing the Anno classics, this is a perfect time to relive that childhood. And, if you’ve never played an Anno game or only played the more recent ones, it should be a fun way to play through the history of a great series.

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