Another Random Gamer Girl Rant: Game Stores

By Christine Adviento

November 20, 2009

All the gamers know where they’re located.  All of you  know them as well as the maps we use on Final Fantasy or Zelda.

But is the shopping experience at these video game stores different between males and females.  That depends.

Maybe it’s just me and I have had a lot of really mean people talk crap while playing video games, but there are SOME stores that have employees that treat their customers differently.

Here’s a situation that happened not too long ago.

I called into this store trying to inquire about a game I was looking for.  (SOOOOO not going to tell you what the game was other than the fact it was a semi-old game).  That’s not the point here.  As I was saying, I called this store to inquire about their inventory and see if they had the game in stock.  Sales clerk checks his database, or so he says (I hear keyboard tapping).  He tells me it’s in stock and I can come pick it up whenever I had the chance.

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Thinking to myself, “Thank goodness I called.”  WRONG!  SO WRONG!!!  I got to the store to try and pick up the game, and the game is not in stock!  I first checked the shelves, then I realized… the shelves are barely in alphabetical order.  So I ask up at the cash wrap to have them track down the game I was looking for.  NOTHING.  The guy at the cash wrap, who by the way, was not the guy I spoke with on the phone, told me the game I was looking for was not in stock and that I should check with another store.  This scenario has not only happened once but multiple times with 3 different stores around my area.  It has me thinking that the guys, and sometimes even the females that work there only dish out information to whom they deem ‘GAMER’.  Everyone else just falls into the ‘STUPID’ category.

I’m not one to seriously gripe not unless something really horrible goes on (like at PacSun and Forever21 –but we won’t go there), but this was just a minute issue compared to other situations I have been in.

Which brings me back to the concept.  Guys / males get far way better treatment at game stores than girls / females.  Parents?  Forget about it.  They’re dead meat!  Everything a parent or parents go looking for, the sales clerk has a plan for that.. counter sales!  So then the parents or parent ends up buying stuff they really don’t need.

Very few video game related stores have associates that will treat their customers equally.  And those very few stores I can appreciate.

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