Another Rare Game Hits Ebay

Another Rare Game Hits Ebay

So, a few days ago you remember the story that Christian put up, about the NES console that sold for big money on ebay due to it having a rare game? Well, not the game specifically, but the fact that it was complete.

The game was Stadium Events and it was thought that only 10 complete copies existed, and of those one was still shrink wrapped. Not anymore, there is a new addition to those copies, and it is shrink wrapped.

The eBay seller, vals2girlz, purchased the game and found out it needed the pad to play, the store didn’t have one and she never got around to returning it. Lucky her. The reason for selling she explains “…because I didn’t think I had anything of value. Then I saw that one lady sell her system and games for what she did. Upon checking the boxes that had sat in my basement for nearly 20 years, I hit gold!”

As of writing, there are 51 bids and it is currently at $17,100 with over 7 days left.

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