Another Sexy Darksiders Trailer

It seems that our good ol’ friend Kratos might be getting some competition in 2010. With its release nearing closer and closer, Darksiders footage has been running rampant, depicting of what we’re to expect when the game arrives next month. And boy does the game look incredibly tempting by all means.

The newest trailer shows off Mr. War and his oversized sword as he introduces it to his foes… well, faces, I guess. Like all other Darksiders trailers, this one teases us with glimpses of what we are to experience when the game hits store shelves. Let’s just say that it’s more than enough to give us the crackhead itch – we just want more.

I would discuss what the trailer is about, but I’d rather leave it for your eyes and ears to feast on. It’s a glamorous looking game, and, from what people are saying so far, the game is just incredible. So incredible, in fact, that folks have turned down excessive fornication for it. If a game can cause this sort of reaction, then it must have been molded by the hands of God. And who’s closer to God than anyone else? Joe mother-f’ing Madureira! Ok, maybe not, but he does have a “godly” imagination; and this, folks, is his creation. Enjoy!

Yaris Gutierrez

Born and raised in New York City, Yaris is one of three co-founders at DualShockers. Gaming since the inception of Nintendo in the 80's, he has grown to avidly appreciate games of every genre, maturing his preference specifically now to third-person action games, first-person shooters and JRPGs. He's a software engineer, father and husband during the day, and mildly attempts to hold onto his "hardcore gamer" title during the evenings. An attempt that he tends to fail miserably at.

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