Another Sight Gets a Video Discussing Its Two Protagonists

Another Sight Gets a Video Discussing Its Two Protagonists

In the video, the developers discuss the two protagonists of Another Sight and how they will work together based on their different perspectives.

Developer Lunar Great Wall Studios shared another video giving insight into the upcoming narrative-driven game Another Sight. This one focuses on the main protagonists in the game, a little girl named Kit and the cat named Hodge that she meets while lost in the Underworld beneath a Victorian London after losing her sight.

In the video, the developers discuss the two perspectives that players will get in Another Sight. As Hodge, they will see everything in an extremely realistic way as opposed to Kit’s perspective, who perceives everything quite differently due to her blindness. In a previous video, the developers discussed how Kit’s world was visually inspired by work from the Impressionism movement and will be impacted by the important historical figures she will meet. Instead of sight, Kit will rely more on sound to make her way through the Underworld.

The developers go on to say that they decided to introduce a gameplay logic in which Kit can only run and jump if she can perceive her environment through sound and the bubble of light it will create for her. To help Kit know where to go, Hodge can guide her through the use of meowing a path to safety, creating a bond of mutual aid between the two characters. With the two point of views of the different characters, players will solve puzzles that will rely on both characters’ perceptions.

You can check out the video introducing Kit and Hodge below. Inspired by the novel Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Another Sight will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.