Another Sign of Hard Times for the Gaming Industry: Sega France Is Closing It's Doors

June 23, 2012

The world of video games is a harsh and unforgiving one, and Sega has had more then it’s share of troubles in recent years. The ill-fated Dreamcast knocked them out of the console market, and although Sega has continued to produce games in the years since, the developer has never been able to reclaim it’s once mighty position among the other big companies. We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that Sega Europe would be facing reorganization, but nothing substantiated until now.

In these hard economic times no one is doing well. Sony is in the red, and Electronic Art’s stock is worth roughly half of what it was a year ago. Even the behemoth World of Warcraft has lost about 20% of it’s subscribers over the past year. While we don’t know exactly what Sega will be focusing on next, the same rumors that foretold this closing also speculated that Sega was going to be moving more heavily into the mobile gaming market. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them.

Miranda Quillen

Star Wars fangirl and general geekette with a passion for roleplaying and strategy games, space and all things Sci-Fi.

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