Another Street Fighter Film Kicking In

Another Street Fighter Film Kicking In


We’re all pretty much tired of the blasphemous concoction of games-to-movies that Hollywood has thrown at us. Just about every single iteration released has been nothing short of fail, with plots and characters that never tend to fit the original mold that is the game. But, as pictured above, it seems that all that might just change.

You guys know who that is. Gargantuan anal beads around his neck, bulging triceps, maroon-colored hair with more moose than you can afford, and the infamous pose that made him famous. His name is Akuma – and this is the real-life representation of the character which Bourne Ultimatum actor/stuntman Joey Ansah is trying to bring to the big screen in a fresh start to one of the worse game-to-movie films: Street Fighter – where the ballerina Jean Claude Van Damme plays American Army soldier, Colonel Guile.

Street Fighter Legacy, a short film co-written, co-directed and choreographed by Ansah, is an attempt to treat Capcom’s fighting franchise the right way, with a strong emphasis on a grown-up story and faithful visuals. If Capcom can “OK” it – which they have – then we can join in a round of applause.

What’s that? You want to see some video and pictures of the film in action? Why, sure. Check it out after the break.You’re probably going to skip this paragraph and jump right down to the goodies. But before you do, just take a look at how much Ken looks like… Ken (bushy eyebrows and all), and Ryu looks like, well, a Latin Ryu – but, dammit, he looks more like Ryu than anyone I’ve seen portray the character. So far, it’s looking good; I’ll shut up now and let you watch a true attempt of a Street Fighter film.

What do you guys think? I’m loving it, so far. If I see E. Honda as a fat Hawaiian dude, I’m protesting. Oh, and the official website has the original Street Fighter music, if you’re looking for some nostalgia.

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