Answer Questions About Love and Make it Into a Future Catherine Trailer

Answer Questions About Love and Make it Into a Future Catherine Trailer


Everyone who cares about Atlus and their titles knows that Catherine is releasing in North America sometime this summer, but now the publisher is offering you the chance to put yourself in a future trailer for the title. What do you have to do? Answer some questions about love on video, then post it as a response to this here video, in which the questions are asked.

As Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari states in the press release and alludes to in the video, the heavy themes of this title seem to get overshadowed by the sexuality that the Japanese marketing and main female characters bring to the table. If you dig deeper, here’s what you’ll find, quoting Mr. Jabbari:

Catherine offers an unprecedented exploration of the psychology and emotion of relationships and commitment. A lot has been made of the game’s salacious content and of the nightmarish action-puzzle-platforming that ties the narrative scenes together, perhaps slightly overshadowing the game’s daring subject matter. By allowing fans to share their opinions about such poignant, relatable subjects, we believe it will shine more light on some of the heavy ideas Catherine brings to the table.”

Perhaps you’re like me – much more interested in the way the game handles such mature topics than the way it’s marketed. But, regardless how you feel about Catherine, you have the chance to get your responses in an upcoming trailer for the game. You can check out Mr. Jabbari’s pitch in the trailer below, but you’ll have to go to the actual YouTube video page to read the official rules and post your video responses. Sounds like a fun little contest, what do you think?