Antegods Brings Stonepunk Arena Madness with its Crowdfunding Campaign

Antegods Brings Stonepunk Arena Madness with its Crowdfunding Campaign

Antegods is the latest indie game to get the crowdfunding blessing from Fig. Developer Codeglue has put together an interesting looking arena shooter with Mayan inspirations. The team hopes that their ‘stonepunk’ title will be able to reach their $70,000 USD goal by early April so they can release it on PC, Mac, and Linux.

The game doesn’t stray too far from its arcade roots. Two teams face off against each other (with up to 4 players) in different maps. These locations change each battle and are filled with walls and barriers just waiting to be destroyed.

Your weapon of choice are customizable stone mechs with their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Will you play defensively as the highly durable ‘Turtle’ or will you try and outsmart your enemies with the camouflaging ‘Chameleon’? You also have the choice of arming your stone pilot (flying in temples) with four types of different guns: Melee, Assault, Demolition and Sniper.

But the piece de resistance are the giant titans that players can unlock by gathering enough silk energy and combining with another ship. These giant stone beasts slowly lumber through the maps, taking down walls and enemy mechs. The interest part is that if two players combine to form the titan, one controls the steering while the other controls the weapons.

While you’d think that story wouldn’t really be that fleshed out for a stonepunk arena shooter, one of the backer rewards is actually a comic. This will be an ongoing series that:

“tells the story of four adolescent pilots who flee earth, end up at The Navel, and join the Antegods tournament. Some of them will happily seek out glory across the vast and majestic gulf of space. Others are not so sure.”

Antegods comic

There are a lot of things going for Antegods. The design is quite unique and colorful and the multiple choices for mechs and weapons hints that this game is set for the long-term. The team will be adding new mechs (or bodies as they call them) after the game releases to continue to support it.

My only concern is that combat looks a little stiff. I’m not sure if this is a stylistic choice (these are stone robots) or it’s just a case of the game still being in development.

With 26 days to go, Codeglue has almost hit 25% of their goal. Things are looking good for the stonepunk shooter; here’s hoping they can keep that momentum in their, er, rock powered rockets? How do those things fly anyway?

The crowdfunding trailer is available below: