Anthem 2.0 Reboot Reportedly Being Planned at BioWare

BioWare hasn't given up on Anthem just yet and is said to be working on some major next steps for the loot shooter.

It seems that rumors of Anthem’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

In a new report from Kotaku, it is said that BioWare and EA are internally planning an overhaul or soft-reboot of sorts for the third-person loot shooter, Anthem. After releasing earlier this year in February to a litany of issues, BioWare reaffirmed that it would continue working on the game for the long haul and would not only rectify said problems but would also continue to update the title moving forward. It now seems as though, according to sources within the company, those next steps are starting to take the form of an Anthem 2.0, meaning that many elements of the game will be completely changed or reworked.

Kotaku goes on to report that anywhere from dozens to hundreds of developers are currently working on this next phase of Anthem with plans on how it will all roll out still to be determined. Major content updates could come in waves, or could all drop at once. Specifics are said to have not been nailed down just yet, but regardless, changes to loot, quests, and progression are some of the major elements that are said to be in the cards to see reworks.

When it comes to live service titles, specifically in the MMO space, it’s not out of the ordinary to see major relaunches or sorts later on. No Man’s SkyDestiny, and Final Fantasy XIV are games that, at one point or another, had very rough periods where players were either unhappy with the product or were leaving the community in droves. In each of these instances though, later updates, content drops, and expansion eventually brought players back in major ways and completely changed the public perception on these titles. It seems as though BioWare is now hoping to do the same thing with Anthem.

There’s no telling when we might hear more on what BioWare has planned for Anthem moving forward right now, but one thing is for sure: the studio seems to be quite busy. Between ongoing work on Anthem, the development of Dragon Age 4, and the reported early production of a new Mass Effect, there’s a whole bunch happening right now at BioWare.

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