Anthem’s 90-Day Roadmap Unveiled by BioWare

Anthem’s 90-Day Roadmap Unveiled by BioWare

If you picked up Anthem today, here's what you can expect to see added to the game in the coming three months.

As of today, BioWare and EA have now officially released Anthem. While it has been a long time coming from reveal to launch day, the release of Anthem is merely BioWare’s first step for the game in the grander scheme of things.

As such, BioWare has followed up today’s launch of Anthem by also revealing their plans for the game over the coming 90 days. While the one constant amongst future updates for Anthem will be quality of life improvements, new challenges, and new store items, BioWare has more directly outlined new additions for the game over the coming months.

For starters, the rest of February in Anthem will see the addition of three new in-game events. When the calendar turns over to March, more events, cosmetics, rewards, and most importantly, missions, will then be added to Anthem. BioWare is calling the month of March’s content updates “Evolving World.”

In April, the “Stronger Together” updates will begin heading to Anthem and like in March will include the additional missions and events. However, April will also see the arrival of a new Stronghold in addition to Guilds, Leaderboards, and Weekly Stronghold Challenges. Finally, in May, the “Cataclysm” update will hit Anthem. This will be the biggest update to the game since launch and will include new rewards, missions, and events.

BioWare has plans for two more Acts full of content as well, but as of this writing still hasn’t disclosed what updates will be waiting in them. More than anything, BioWare stresses that Anthem will be a game that they build alongside the game’s community moving forward. If you’re playing the game yourself, be sure to let BioWare know what it is you’d like to see added in the future.

For more on this content roadmap, you can read up on the additions on EA’s official site. Anthem is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.