BioWare’s Casey Hudson Talks About Anthem’s Rough Launch and the Road Ahead

BioWare’s Casey Hudson Talks About Anthem’s Rough Launch and the Road Ahead

After a month's worth of issues with Anthem, BioWare's GM has penned a new blog post talking about the future of the game.

It has been a rough past month for the team at BioWare since launching the studio’s latest title Anthem. Amidst an underwhelming response from critics and a variety of bugs and other issues that have continued to plague the title, Anthem has struggled to find its footing.

Despite everything though, BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson says that the studio remains committed to the game long term. In a new blog post on BioWare’s website today, Hudson acknowledged that it has been a rough few weeks since release. “On the one hand it’s been a rougher launch than expected. But then as I think back we also knew that big new online games tend to hit some kind of problem once they go live, so as much as we tested and prepared to make sure everything was ready, we were also ready for the possibility that unexpected issues might arise at launch,” Hudson wrote.

He went on to say that it was very upsetting for him to see how many issues players were running into with Anthem since it launched. In the midst of all of this though, Hudson says they continue to gather feedback and push out new fixes for the game as often as possible. “We also continue to listen to your feedback, with more improvements to endgame loot and progression, game flow, and stability and performance coming soon – so there’s a lot more work that we intend to do.”

Even in the midst of overwhelming criticism, Hudson also says the team at BioWare remains committed to Anthem for the long haul. “We hear the criticisms and doubts. But we’ll keep going anyway, working hard every day on Anthem – an ever-changing world, constantly improving and growing, and supported well into the future by our team of passionate developers.” Hudson ended the post by saying, “So what’s most important to us is you, the players who have supported us in this journey. And we’re excited to prove that with Anthem, the best is yet to come.”

Even though there have been many problems with Anthem since arriving, I’m really hoping that BioWare can improve Anthem greatly and make it an experience that is far more enjoyable down the road.

Currently, Anthem is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.