Anthem Receives New Trailer and Screenshots Focusing on Story

Anthem Receives New Trailer and Screenshots Focusing on Story

The latest trailer and screenshots for Anthem showcase more of the characters and locations that you'll frequent over the course of the story.

During BioWare’s Anthem-focused panel today at PAX West in Seattle, Washington, the studio revealed a new trailer and screenshots for the upcoming shared-world action game.

Much like the BioWare’s focus on narrative during the panel, this new trailer, entitled “Our World, My Story” tells more about how the game will combine a focus on narrative while simultaneously offering players the ability to explore and complete missions with others. The trailer also showcases a variety of new action sequences as well as the many locations and creatures that you can fight.

With the new screenshots, we get some better looks at the central hub of Fort Tarsis in addition to many of the characters that abide in this location. Characters that we have previously seen such as Haluk are shown here once again in addition to faces that we haven’t seen as often such as Matthais and Yarrow.

Both the new trailer and screenshots for Anthem can be found sequentially down below. Stay on the lookout for more of my thoughts on how I think Anthem’s story elements will work in a later preview from me, as well.

Anthem is due out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC early next year on February 22.