Anthem: BioWare Talks About Solo Play, Setting, Combat, Story and More

Anthem: BioWare Talks About Solo Play, Setting, Combat, Story and More

Anthem Game Director reveals more details about the upcoming action RPG by BioWare.

During the YouTube Live coverage following Microsoft’s E3 2017 press briefing,  Anthem Game Director Jonathan Warner gave more details about BioWare’s upcoming action RPG.

The game includes a “very big open world for players to explore.” The settlement saw in the gameplay reveal (Fort Tarsus) is a hub for the players, where they will be able to customize their Javelin exosuits and pick up quests.

Freedom of experiencing the game the way you want to play it is important for BioWare, so gamers will be able to play either with themselves or with friends. The whole experience is “frictionless.” And it’s “absolutely” possible to play through the entire game solo.

Incidentally, this was also confirmed by Lead Designer Corey Gaspur on Twitter.

Players will face a “diverse array of opponents,” like fierce monsters and creatures and other humans in their own exosuits (but Warner was quick to mention that he did not confirm the presence of PvP in the game).

The world is very savage and humanity is at the lowest of the food chain. Javelins is are needed to survive. The player plays one of the heroes who have the courage to put on that exosuit and explore beyond the safety of the wall.

Combat will include gunplay with an “amazing array of different rifles,” but there will also be gear that can be equipped on the Javelin that will allow different approaches.

The game will include a “great BioWare story” also giving players the freedom to tell their own story, as they explore and uncover new things. That said, BioWare isn’t ready to talk about the possibility of romance being included just yet.

Unsurprisingly, the game runs on Electronic Arts’ proprietary engine Frostbite.

The plan for the game is to have players engaging with it “over a long period of time.” The world is being built in a way that it can be continually expanded, giving players more reasons to come back and play.

Lasy but not least, we learn that the name Anthem was chosen because it gives the idea of unifying a group of people, giving a sense of purpose that is bigger than oneself: that’s something BioWare wanted to imbue tie IP and the game with.

Anthem will come for PS4, Xbox One and PC, aiming for a 2018 release window.

If you want to see more about the game, you can check out the teaser trailer, and the spectacular gameplay reveal.