Anthem is Reportedly Bricking Some PS4 Consoles Leaving Players Asking for Refunds

Anthem is Reportedly Bricking Some PS4 Consoles Leaving Players Asking for Refunds

Multiple PS4 Anthem players are reporting that the game is repeatedly causing their console to crash, or worse.

After formally launching a little more than a week ago, EA and BioWare’s Anthem seems to have now encountered the game’s biggest issue so far, at least for those playing on PS4.

Over the past day or so, numerous reports have started emerging from Reddit that Anthem is causing their PS4s to crash. Reddit user u/forthemasters kicked off the conversation this weekend on the official Anthem subreddit stating that the game is the only one they have that constantly causes their PS4 to crash. “When encountering a crash or game error, sometimes I get booted to the main menu or out of the game completely to the PS4 dashboard. But twice now when trying to matchmake my PS4 has completely turned off,” the user posted.

The story was met with dozens of similar tellings from others in the thread who have been playing Anthem on PS4. “The worst part is when it shuts your console off, it does it as if you pulled the power plug out of the wall. The console has to fix itself as well as repair my external HDD,” responded one Reddit user in the thread. In a separate thread, one Redditor said that Anthem completely bricked their own PS4. “My playstation has been completely bricked to the point of not even turning on because of Anthem,” they said in the post.

It’s still uncertain just what the problem is with Anthem that is giving players this issue, but it has led to some players outright requesting refunds from Sony at this point if they purchased the game digitally. One Reddit user by the name of u/bluetidepro reports that Sony ended up refunding their purchase of Anthem after calling the support helpline and explaining that Anthem has led their PS4 to crash multiple times.

As of this writing, EA or BioWare still haven’t responded to questions about what is causing this error on PS4 consoles. In the game’s short life cycle though, this seems to be the biggest problem the game has encountered so far — even worse than the critical reception. We’ll keep you posted on if we hear more from on this story moving forward. In the meantime, maybe pick up Anthem on PC or Xbox One instead if you’re looking to get it.